The mission


Software Management, Developing & Testing

Are your software tools and components working together for you ?
How to make IT really happen ?
The right pieces – find or create them


Scrum, Sprints, User Stories, Issue Tracking & Delivering.

User Interfaces

Simple and efficient User Interfaces with clear data representation increase the productivity and the Customer satisfaction.
‘Mobile-First’ and ‘Touch-Ready’ Websites and Webapplications.


Today everybody lives and works mobile. Don’t miss this Business oportunity.
Development of Apps for Smartphones and Tablets.


Websites and Webapplications with SSL and Data Encryption.


Do you need to test and check the logs of some Hardware device? Do you need a Testautomation system? Do you need to test software? KORHONEN can test it for you.


Mobile – Desktop – Web

Java, C#, C++, C, Objetive C, Javascript, HTML, XML, …
Databases, Mobile Apps, Desktop and Webapplications.


Automated processes with Apps and Websites. Test automation.
Selenium, Appium, RPA, Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI / CD)

Analysis, Checking, Visualization and Combination

Do you need Tools to do Data Analisis, Checking, Visualization or Data combination? KORHONEN can develop the perfect Tool for you.

Office data

Do you need to manage a big quantity of Office-Data, for examples Spreedsheets? Are you making neverending repetitive actions with those Office-Data. KORHONEN can develop the solution to not waste more time.

Legacy code support

Do you need to support old Applications or integrate them with new Software? Do you have to update old code in C or VB? Do you need them to be updated to C# or Java? Do you need to optimize old code or Tools? Here you have the solution.



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